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Today's migrations constitute the greatest movement of persons, if not of peoples, of all time. They bring us into contact with men and women, our brothers and sisters, who for economic, cultural, political or religious reasons have left or have been compelled to leave their homes and end up, for the most part, in refugee camps, in a soulless megalopolis and in slums on the outskirts of cities, where they often share the marginalisation of the unemployed, the ill-adjusted youth, and abandoned women. The migrant thirsts for some gesture that will make him feel welcome, recognised and acknowledged as a person. Even just a simple greeting is one of these.

In answer to this yearning men and women of the consecrated life, communities, lay associations and ecclesial movements as well as pastoral workers should feel above all the duty to educate Christians to welcome, solidarity and openness to foreigners, so that migration may become more and more a 'significant' factor for the Church, and the faithful may discover the semina Verbi (seeds of the Word) found in different cultures and religions.

Erga Migrantes Caritas Christi
(The Love of Christ Towards Migrants)

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